Anonymous Blogging

The internet is a place full of anonymity, right? NOT SO MUCH. Online blog software like Blogger and WordPress need an email address. To get an email address from a mainstream provider like Google, you need a phone number. If the phone, email, or IP address can be tied to you– to a bill you pay– then you’re caught.

In the happy past, anonymity could be gained from making a new email address, but that’s not sufficient anymore. To hide in plain sight, the best plan is to use a big email provider like Google or Yahoo. But they now require a phone number and/or an existing email identity.

A burner cell phone number got me my gmail ID (purchased with cash). Paranoid? I’m using the Tor Browser, to keep my ID from being snatched up by my internet client.

Paranoid? Maybe. But, it’s a known reality that the NSA is searching the datastream of the internet indiscriminately for terrorists. They’re known to very carefully monitor <sarcasm/> dangerous material </sarcasm> like the phone sex calls between military service members and their families at home.  Yeah, that’s a thing that happened. In the current political climate, I’m doing what an adult of average digital literacy can do to stay safe.

Because I aim to misbehave.


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