My Local Democratic Party Doesn’t Want Engagement

There’s a missing link in all my local government and party websites. Literally, there’s no place to click that says: “here’s where and when the next meeting is.” The county Democratic Party’s site is the worst, and the county seems to be the most local unit of party organization in my region. In my state, the Dems are the only game in town, so my local mission is to send fewer corrupt people to the state level, and to get actually involved here.

The website’s idea of “involvement” is to volunteer in a phone bank or such nonsense. I have done this kind of work twice. I manned a state fair booth, once, ONCE for a Senator I was ambivalent about, and had never seen in person. (That’s the old me me being part of the “consumer democracy” problem.

Anyhoo, the local Dem website hasn’t changed since the election. There’s still not a single event I can go to, or way I can be involved other than as a witness or cog. I sent the website a nice critique, and got a nice automatic email in response. “Thank you for your support,” indeed. The site appears to have an active Facebook and Twitter feed. Is this where all the energy goes?

I still have zero idea how to be active with the Democratic party. Next stop– my local House Representative’s office!

As the chant does NOT go, “this is NOT what democracy looks like.”


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