Jan 15 Rally to Protect the Affordable Care Act

I’m going. Is this the best way to do democracy?

Most progressives, like myself, are against repealing the ACA. A woman I know has a benign brain tumor, and she spent years unable to leave a dead-end-job because if she left that employer’s insurance, she would never be insurable again. That’s what the “preexisting condition” means in real life. Everyone knows some family destroyed financially by the health care system. The problem, the real problem, is that gridlock and intransigent partisanship makes it impossible for us to talk about how to work toward lowering health care cost. A radical suggestion– like moving the responsibility away from employers entirely– is utterly impossible to act on.

So is a Democratic rally the right way to get the real conversation going? Personally, I adored listening to the Dem Senators’ response to the vote (I think the vote was in the new hours of 1/12/17). Because I agreed with what was being said, I felt a terrific relief at hearing my views expressed.

What we need is Republicans willing to think about ways of actually fixing the situation, willing to talk to us, willing to negotiate, willing to revise and not just repeal. So is rallying the opposition the best way to make that point? I’m really not sure.

I’m sure I’ll feel better, and this is the first time I’ll be in a room with my Senators and Representatives. That’s certainly doing Active Democracy. I’ll be able to tell them how satisfied I am with their performance… and this is Bernie Sanders’ success in getting the connection made between the voter and the Rep. Seems like doing Democracy better, but it isn’t getting at the root of the failure of communication, the failure of issue-driven politics.



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