Is the Indivisible movement good for Democracy?

Going back to the fact that BOTH parties nominated candidates the other side couldn’t stomach, and that the largest problem seems to be the partisan divide that makes simple conversation over dinner tables difficult… adopting the Tea Party’s strategies seems like just another way to contribute to the problem. Didn’t the Tea Party create some of the partisan rage, the purity politics, that got us here? Wasn’t the nomination of Trump, a non-ideologue, kind of a poke in the eye to ideological politics?

To the extent that any left group increases the vitriol, adds new ad hominem attacks based in party politics, I’m concerned that the weaknesses in our democracy will only be worsened.

The non-voters, however, have to start losing elections. We need more participation, broadly, and as far as local grass-roots organizations get passive non-voters engaged, and increase local supervision of politicians by local voters, that’s a win for democracy.

My theory, therefore, is that if the progressive Indivisible movement focuses exclusively on pushing Senators and Representatives on issues, or just on pushing the Democratic party to the left, it is part of the problem.



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